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Partnership Green Leaves Biomed Ltd & Canapac Lda: Bridging Continents for Quality Cannabis

Green Leaves Biomed Ltd is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership with Canapac Lda. This alliance is set to revolutionize the European cannabis market, granting access to the highest quality cannabis flowers, extracts, isolates, and medicinal products sourced from the rich soils of South America. Adhering to our core principles, every product is 100% organic, ensuring they are completely free of pesticides and additives.

Discover Our Excellence: The Canapac Showroom

To bring our vision closer to our customers, we've inaugurated a showroom within the premises of Canapac Lda in Cantanhede, Portugal. This space is designed not just as a display, but as a portal to the exceptional quality and innovation that Green Leaves Biomed and Canapac stand for.

You. can make your appointment with us to check our portfolio of Premi

um THC FLower - book now here

Experience Our Products: We invite you to witness the unparalleled quality of our products firsthand. Book your visit here and embark on a journey through the finest selections of cannabis products Europe has to offer.

Sustainability and Stability in Supply

Through meticulous optimization of our cultivation and processing techniques, Green Leaves Biomed guarantees not just the superior quality of our products but also their sustainable, stable, and secure supply. Our partnership with Canapac Lda is a testament to our commitment to excellence, ensuring that European consumers receive nothing but the best.

Introducing Canapac Lda

Canapac Lda, our esteemed partner, is at the forefront of the European cannabis industry, renowned for its commitment to innovation, quality, and comprehensive patient care. Their dedication to advancing the cannabis industry aligns perfectly with our goals, making this partnership a key milestone in our journey toward global cannabis excellence.

CANAPAC provides the following services to its clients:

• Pharmaceutical manufacturing and packaging solutions of multiple dosage forms including medical cannabis oils, medical cannabis flowers for both rich THC and non-THC drug products.

• Formulation capabilities and products development services for oils and other innovative products

• Pharma Lab, Canapac chemical and microbiology lab that supports the manufacturing process within the facility and provide lab testing and stability services for Canapac clients.

• Radiation service using beta rays through third party

• Product registration for Portugal and the markets we distribute and sell our products.

• Product distribution and storage services.

• Access to sale channels and clients in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

CANAPAC collaborate with leading clinical experts and researchers across a variety of therapy areas, where we apply our experience to produce tailored, effective and a bespoke solution that our clients can have complete confidence in.

A Note of Gratitude

This collaboration marks a significant achievement not just for Green Leaves Biomed Ltd and Canapac Lda but for the entire European cannabis community. We extend our deepest gratitude to everyone involved in making this vision a reality. Together, we are setting new standards for quality, sustainability, and innovation in the cannabis industry.

For more details on our mission, our products, and how we're transforming the cannabis landscape, visit us at and

This exciting partnership promises to not only enhance the availability of premium cannabis products in Europe but also to set new benchmarks in the industry for quality and sustainability.

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