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About Us.

Green Leaves Biomed is a Commodity Management Platform ecosystem that combines technology, passion, and nature to provide sustainable and beneficial solutions to our partners and members. With a focus on quality standards, compliance, and transparency, we aim to contribute to a thriving and healthy cannabis industry, achieving excellent business goals with our partners. We foster a vast network in different parts of the industry, ensuring a trustful place to generate business deals. Altogether, the GLB Private Commodity Room and GLB B2B Store e-commerce offer our partners the best commodities business solutions.

What we do?

GLB Ecosystem

Our ecosystem leverages cutting-edge technology, deep-rooted passion, and the power of nature to deliver sustainable and advantageous outcomes for our members.

GLB Quality Standarts

By upholding stringent quality standards, ensuring compliance, and promoting transparency, we are committed to fostering a flourishing and robust cannabis industry while achieving remarkable business objectives alongside our esteemed partners.

GLB Network

With our extensive network spanning various sectors of the industry, we provide a trustworthy environment for forging lucrative business deals.

GLB Governance & Security

We follow a flat hierarchy approach to governance, empowering our members and fostering a culture of innovation. Our commitment to data privacy and security ensures that user information is protected in compliance with applicable regulations.

Green Leaves Biomed Values

At Green Leaves, our values drive everything we do.

Green Family

We treat our members and partners with respect, empathy and support. We value open communication and collaboration, and listen to accept diverse perspectives.

Green Partnership

We believe in fair and sustainable partnerships where all parties benefit. We strive to help our customers, and farmers, succeed by providing sales support, opening new markets, and sharing cultivation and licensing expertise.

Green Proud

We take pride in our work, accomplishments, and community.  We celebrate our successes and learn from our failures. We foster a culture of positivity, teamwork and continuous improvement.

Green Nature

We act responsibly and sustainably towards the environment, supporting eco-friendly projects and digitization efforts to reduce resource consumption.

Green Success

We aim to deliver excellent returns and ensure transparency in our processes. We empower our partners to achieve independence and financial growth.

Green Future

We are passionate about innovation and staying ahead of trends. We embrace change and strive to build a better future for ourselves and our stakeholders.

Our Unique Offerings

Crowdfunding Cannabis Strains

GLB Private Commodity

Network Room

Our hassle-free service allows members to access high-quality commodities from complied partners with direct access to price and documentation.

Crowdfunding Cannabis Strains

GLB E-Commerce B2B

Private Store

 The GLB Store will be a central place for businesses to have access to wholesale finalized CBD products white brands and our partner's brands.


Empower Growth

Become GLB Share Holder

Green Leaves Biomed Ltd is a startup looking to revolutionize the commodities management industry. Our mission is to build a trust and transparent community, where anyone can become a shareholder and part of the future of the cannabis industry. We offer a platform to help companies and individuals make informed decisions when it comes to managing their commodities. Our goal is to provide the best services in order to ensure the success of our customers.

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